Sales Planning and Synergy Hub Tools

Sales Planning and Synergy Hub Tools help business unit monitoring their performances and finding new potential locations.

Sales Planning and Business Expansion Tools

What we provide



A Platform for helping you to get an updated summary of macro-economic condition

  • Understanding Economic Fluctuation, from macroeconomy indicator business able to explore economic fluctuation in each area over the time.
  • Anticipate Inflation and Deflation impact, to minimize the negative impact for business.
  • GDP insight per sector, to identify potential sector in each province that would help in defining business strategy.
Data Stories Update

Data Stories Update

An Information that helping you to know current data from many industry

  • Most Updated News in Related Industry, to help business understanding current condition in industry based on reliable data.
  • Increase awareness of cross industry, to enable business understand cross industry condition and anticipate potential threat or opportunity for the business in the future.
Sales Planning Tools

Sales Planning Tools

A Tool for helping you to expand your business area

  • Comprehensive market condition, from internal and external data combined to get wider view of analysis
  • Strengthen on business area strategy, to enable more precise area-based strategy (pricing, customer Interaction, promotion, etc.)
  • Potential market area sizing, to identify possibility on market share strategy

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